Volume License


ZBrushCore 2018 - Volume User License

This license type is meant to make license management less cumbersome for companies with large numbers of licenses. It requires a minimum of five seats.

This license uses a single serial number for all purchased licenses. The license will allow a number of concurrent activations equal to the number of seats owned. This is a node-locked licenses, meaning that it must be activated from the computer where it will be run. Online activation or deactivate are immediate. An offline option is also available for computers that have no internet connection.

As stated above, volume licenses require five seats or more. The price per seat is identical to that of single-user licenses. Additional seats may be added in any quantity at any time.

Volume licenses are not eligible for upgrade to ZBrush Pro.

A feature comparison between ZBrush and ZBrushCore 2018 is found here.

System Requirements

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