Anatomy Tools Reference Figures

Anatomy Tools combines both the latest in medical computer capture technology, with some of the world’s best anatomy and visual artists, who collaborate with medical and health specialists to create tools which both professionals and students utilize. All of Anatomy Tools' products are easily assimilated for those with or without expert clinical training.


Special Bundle Offers!
Pixologic and Anatomy Tools are also pleased to be able to provide significant savings on special bundles that include an anatomical figure and ZBrush license. For more information, click here.

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SKU  商品名    価格   
anmfv3-1-6scale Anatomy Tools Male Anatomy Figure 1/6 Scale
  • $325.00
anffv3a-1-3scale Anatomy Tools Female Medical Figure
  • $799.00
famfv3-1-6scale Anatomy Tools Male Flesh/Anatomy 1/6 Scale
  • $359.00
famfv2-1-6scale Anatomy Tools Male Flesh/Anatomy 1/6 Scale Fig. 2
  • $239.00
anmtv3a-1-3scale Anatomy Tools Male Medical Torso
  • $369.00
anmfv1-1-6scale Anatomy Tools Male Anatomy Figure v1 1/6 Scale
  • $239.00
anmfv3-1-3scale Anatomy Tools Male Medical Figure
  • $599.00
anftv3c-1-3scale Anatomy Tools Female Medical Torso
  • $369.00
prmfv2-1-6scale Anatomy Tools Male Proportional Figure 1/6 Scale
  • $199.00
anmfv1-1-3scale Anatomy Tools Male Anatomy Figure 1/3 Scale
  • $399.00
bust-exp-male2 Anatomy Tools Male Expression Sheet (Non-removbale)
  • $195.00
bust-skel Anatomy Tools Skeleton Torso 5 Piece Magnetic Set
  • $139.00
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