KeyShot for ZBrush


With the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge you can seamlessly connect ZBrush with any version of KeyShot 5 or above to produce hyper-realistic and high quality images. The KeyShot to ZBrush Bridge changes your Best Preview Render (BPR) button to instead send your models to KeyShot with a single click. All associated data transfers automatically, including materials, displaced geometry, procedural noise, PolyPaint or textures -- and of course the new NanoMesh and Array Mesh. If ZBrush can display it, KeyShot can render it!

If you already own KeyShot HD or KeyShot Pro, you can purchase the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge to immediately start sending your models directly to your existing KeyShot installation. Simply choose from the license types below to make your purchase.

If you do not yet have a KeyShot license, you may purchase a special edition KeyShot 10 for ZBrush version, which is available in two varieties. The KeyShot 10 for ZBrush version has all the same features as KeyShot 10 HD. The KeyShot 10 for ZBrush Pro version has all the features of KeyShot 10 Pro, including animation. The only limitations of either version are that they require the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge to be able to load models or scenes and can also only open KeyShot scene files that were create with a KeyShot for ZBrush version.